Pearl-White Rose Glazed & Trimmed with 24K Gold

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  • Genuine pearl-white rose, perfectly glazed and edged with fine 24 karat gold.
  • Each rose is presented in a stylish display case made from PU leather.
  • A double-sided authenticity certificate is included.
  • The finish is a lustrous and brilliant shine.
  • An eternally lasting symbol of friendship and love.
  • Rapid order-processing, with free express two-day transport included as standard.
  • A recognisable love symbol all over the world, this rose is presented in a unique and stunning way.


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  • A real pearl-white rose which has been hand-picked at its height of beauty.
  • Perfectly glazed with a trim of 24 karat gold (note that karat refers to the purity of the gold while carat refers to weight).
  • Each rose is presented in a stylish display case made from leather.
  • The finish is as lustrous and brilliant as a mirror.
  • Each rose and stem measures approx. 29cm.
  • An impressive symbolic representation of beauty and love that is both unique and artistic.

Formed from a real pearl-white rose, each glazed Eternity Rose is produced in an electroforming and glazing process. Each individual rose is entirely unique, with leaves and petals that are beautifully embossed with purest 24 karat gold. Every Eternity Rose product is supplied with a Seal of Authenticity, guaranteeing its high quality.

For generations, the rose has represented beauty and love, reflecting within the world of flower the meaning that gold holds within the world of precious metals. Now, these twin symbols are perfectly blended in the magnificent Eternity Rose, producing a gift whose beauty and elegance will endure for a lifetime.

The ideal gift for any lady, an Eternity Rose is perfect for all occasions, from Mother's Day to Christmas, and from Valentine's Day to birthdays. Whenever a thoughtful and beautiful gift is required, an Eternity Rose can fit the bill.

Unique and truly impressive, an Eternity Rose is a gift that will speak volumes to all women. A combination of floral splendour and ornamental majesty, each rose comes in its own elegant display case, finely crafted from leather, ready to take pride of place in a display cabinet. The most striking combination, we suggest your rose is displayed in its stylish case, as it will perfectly complement the rose's magnificence. If you cannot afford the space for the rose to be displayed in the box, we also have vases at The Eternity Rose for purchase.

There is no more iconic symbol of love than the single rose and now, The Eternity Rose has taken this token, and turned it into a work of art that can be displayed proudly as a lasting testament to love for a lifetime.

We grow our roses in our very own nursery, tended by skilled horticulturalists who spare no expense in sourcing and growing only the most beautiful roses. Once each flower attains its point of perfection, it is picked by hand and begins the preservation process which will ensure its splendour is retained eternally.

Each Eternity Rose goes through a 60-step, three-month long process to gain its many layers through immersion electroforming. We use our own formulae and patented processes to electroplate the rose with pure copper layers to provide a base that is not only texture-sensitive, but is also the ideal base for dipping in precious metal. Each petal and leaf is hand glazed in an intricate process, following which they are embossed with the purest 24 karat gold. The process of dipping in precious metal is accomplished with multiple thin layers, built over several weeks, and this time-consuming and complex process produces the characteristic mirror finish which is as brilliant as it is lustrous. The glazed Eternity Rose will never corrode and will endure as an object of beauty for thousands of years.

Spoil the lady in your life today with a stunning Eternity Rose. She deserves only the very best.

And if she should happen to fancy a bit more bling, you might consider a natural 24 karat gold-dipped rose.